Summer Karate Camps

Classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm and includes the following:

  • Class Instruction from our teenage certified instructors and assistants.
  • One class instructed by our head instructor.
  • Water and healthy snacks
  • Wasatch Martial Arts T-shirt
  • Foam Nunchaku to take home

Cost is $195 for the 3-day camp and $159 to repeat the camp (you will not receive a second shirt or nunchakus).

Class Format

The summer camp will be primarily outdoors. Masks will be worn except when eating or drinking. The falls and rolls class will be held indoors with the door and windows open.

Soo Bahk Do Classes

The following classes will be traditional martial arts classes:

  • Stretching & Conditioning – Introduction to martial art related stretching and conditioning to strengthen and stretch the body.
  • Intro to Soo Bahk Do – This introductory class will cover basic stances, blocks, and strikes.
  • Kicking – Basic martial arts classes will be taught in the air and against hand targets.
  • Falls and Rolls – This indoor class will teach basic tumbling on a matted floor.
  • Class with Sa Bom Nim – Our head instructor will provide a custom experience based on the age and ability of the participants.
  • Nunchaku – Foam nunchakus will be used. We will teach basic grips, swings, and tricks with a weapon all kids love.

Lecture Classes

The following lectures will be provided along with a healthy snack:

  • History and Philosophy – Coloring book activities will be used to learn about martial arts history and philosophy.
  • Calligraphy – Learn martial art-related Chinese characters and how to write your own name in Korean.
  • Too Smart for Strangers – We will watch a short film that teaches kid safety and awareness.

Please let us know if your child has any food allergies or medical conditions we should know about.

Participation Agreement

Please bring this signed participation agreement on the first day of camp.

12:30pmStretching & ConditioningKickingNunchaku
1:30pmHistory and PhilosophyCalligraphyToo Smart for Strangers
2:30pmSoo Bahk Do IntroClass with Sa Bom NimFalls and Rolls

Camp Dates

June 15-17

June 22-24 (FULL)

June 29-July 1

July 20-22

August 3-5

Summer Camps

Sign up for a summer camp. $195 for first-time attendance. Repeat attendance is $159.

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