Speaking Korean – Levels of Respect

Most languages have various verb conjugations for the past, present, and future. Korean also has various word endings denoting a certain level of respect. Some common terms in Korean are

  • Annyong – Hello
  • Anjo – Sit
  • Ilohsut – Stand Up

Each of these terms are very informal, and almost condescending. A more common rendition that you will hear native Koreans say is Annyong-haseyo and Anjeu-seyo. A very formal rendition that connotes a deep level of respect would be as follows:

  • Annyong-hashimnikka
  • Anjo-shipshio
  • Ilosu-shipsio

These latter terms should be used during our Soo Bahk Do training in order to preserve the level of discipline, respect, and professionalism that should exist in our training. We are also staying true to our Korean tradition.