Invest in You Child’s Growth

Classes held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm
2375 E 3300 S

Soo Bahk Do is not just a martial art. By registering your child in martial arts classes you are investing in a model that teaches students a variety of skills that extend much past kicking and punching.

Putting your kid in our classes means you’re investing in your child’s growth. We want them to maximize their full potential. Wasatch Martial Arts Academy takes what you have taught at home, and reinforces those teachings. We bridge the gap between abstract concepts such as courage, concentration, and self-confidence, and how to apply them to real life.

Soo Bahk Do is not just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re looking for a way to enrich your child’s life, then sign up for classes today. There are limited spots available.

If you have any questions, fill out our online intake form and we’ll get back to you to answer any questions you might have and give a more detailed description of the class.

Soo Bahk Do teaches:

  • Focus. Each class we focus on paying attention to the instructor and to each other.
  • Respect. Soo Bahk Do fosters the idea that we honor our elders and those who came before us while also respecting everyone around us.
  • Self Defense. Through weekly training, we teach our students to protect themselves from physical, mental, and moral danger.
  • Discipline. Around here, we say, “Yes Sir,” and “Yes Ma’am.” We follow a set of commands that help children understand how to follow rules and why we have them.
  • Fun. Just because we train hard doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. With a variety of material and activities, we strive to create an encouraging, engaging, and enriching environment.
Kids 7+ yrs old
  • Monthly
Kids 5-6 yrs old
  • 8 Weeks