Kids Classes

Kids Soo Bahk Do – Kids with one year of experience or more will participate in twice a week training. This is an ongoing class that is $139/month.

What Does Soo Bahk Do Have to Offer?

Every parent wants their child to

  • Do well in school.
  • Be safe from physical, mental, and moral danger.
  • Maximize their full potential.

Wasatch Martial Arts Academy takes what you have taught your child at home and reinforces those teachings to help your child develop into a disciplined, self-confident, and highly motivated individual. In every class, you’ll hear important lessons you won’t find on the ski slopes, soccer field, or dance studio. Our program takes concepts such as courage, discipline, concentration, respect, self-confidence, and others and we learn how to apply them to our physical training and also in our daily lives. Soo Bahk Do is not just a fun activity, it becomes a lifestyle.

The beginning class is geared to introduce the student to the art of Soo Bahk Do. For the first three to six months, students will learn the necessary information to be able to integrate with the intermediate class. Once a student tests and earns his/her orange belt, he/she will graduate into the intermediate class.

The kids class teaches every aspect of Soo Bahk Do in such a way that kids can easily comprehend. Unlike most martial arts kids programs, the curriculum is not watered down. Here the student will learn the concepts and applications of self defense, self confidence, discipline, respect, and self-mastery. The student will also learn the beauty of East Asian history, tradition, and culture and how it relates to Soo Bahk Do.