New Beginner Adult Fitness Class Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm

Free in the month of January!
2375 E 3300 S
Individual Plan
  • Kids and Adult Classes
Family Plan
  • Classes for the whole family!
Tiger Tots
  • 8-week sessions for kids 4-6 years old

*First time sign ups will need to purchase a training uniform.


Digital Dojang

The Digital Dojang is an online training course for anyone interested in learning a traditional striking martial art. Whether you are new to martial arts and are looking for an online teaching experience or looking to supplement your training from your personal instructor, this course is for you!


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Moo Do Jaseh

INTRODUCTION “Moo Do” has often been translated as “martial art”. This translation does not convey the rich philosophical roots of our art. The word “Moo” in Korean is based on the Chinese Character 武 and is generally translated as “martial” or “military” but the character also has the meaning of “action”. The character itself is … Continue reading Moo Do Jaseh

Background of Chil Sung Hyung

The Chil Sung (七 星) Hyung are the prime picture of the art of Soo Bahk Do™ Moo Duk Kwan™. Created in 1952 by Hwang Kee, Chang Shi Ja (CSJ), Chil Sung Hyung are the hallmark of the art of Soo Bahk Do™. They embody the knowledge Hwang Kee, CSJ acquired from decades of training … Continue reading Background of Chil Sung Hyung

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