Soo Bahk Do in a Teenager's Life

Last summer when I started Soo Bahk Do.  I was a wimpy slouched over kid. I was just coming off a school year were I had to switch schools twice do too kids picking on me. I was really shy and did not have a lot of confidence in my self. My Mom wanted me to do a Martial Art. After hearing about Wasatch Martial Arts I decided to start. Now I am testing for green belt and I cant help but look back and see how amazing it has been and what I have taken away from the class.

I have noticed when walking down the hallways how my posture has changed. I used to hunch over and stroll down the hallways and I looked like and easy target. When starting Soo Bahk Do I was pushed to have a better posture. Now I notice when I walk down the halls of West High I no longer slouch. I feel like this proud young man.

I have also learned how to defend my self. In 8th and 9th grade I was constantly picked on. Kids would make fun of my voice, push me over, and punch me and many other things. I am glad to say that at West that has not happened but if it were I would know how to defend my self.  If someone where to punch me out of the blue it makes me happy that I would know what to do.

Soo Bahk Do has also made me think more about philosophy. How there are the heavens, the earth, the fire and water. And how those are all incorporated. How strength does not come from ones arm but from the waste. I just think that is fascinating.

While reading over my paper it hit my what Soo Bahk do is to me. It is not a sport, activities or a hobby. To me Su Bahk Do is a way of life. The impacts that it has on all aspects of my life. Training in Su Bahk Do has so many more implications than maybe just playing basketball. That what makes Soo Bahk Do so special and how it makes me proud to be a person who trains in Soo Bahk Do.

— Written by Jack Schweibert, 6th Gup Soo Bahk Do

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