Each class at Wasatch Martial Arts Academy is filled with East Asian philosophy (not religion) that teaches virtues, ethics, and discipline.  Soo Bahk Do adheres to an “Action Philosophy”.  The late Grand Master Hwang Kee taught about action philosophy in this manner:  “If someone were to try to hit you in the nose, would you think about blocking the attack, or physically block it?”  Action and thought should be one and the same.

Various principles will be taught such as courage, patience, humility, discipline, and respect to your elders.  These principles will be discussed and then put into action during our training.  This is unique to our academy and our art.

8 Key Concepts
Yong Gi — Courage
Chung Shin Tong Il — Concentration
In Neh — Endurance
Chung Jik — Honesty
Kyum Son — Humility
Him Cho Chung — Control of Power
Shin Chook — Relaxation/Tension
Wan Gup — Speed Control

10 Articles of Faith on Mental Training

  1. Be loyal to your country; sacrifice yourself for your duty to your country and your people. This is based on the spirit of the Hwa Rang Do
  2. Be obedient to your parents; children should be dutiful to your parents and parents should be charitable to their children
  3. Be loving between husband and wife; love and affection between the sexes develops mankind’s happiness and harmony in life
  4. Be cooperative between brothers; hold together with cooperation and concord
  5. Be respectful to your elders; protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty
  6. Be faithful between teacher and student; learn the truth through practice of duty and affection
  7. Be faithful between friends; be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith towards each other, regardless of race, and towards all mankind
  8. Face combat only in justice and with honor; be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness
  9. Never retreat in battle; Sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery
  10. Always finish what you start; Move to action with sureness and hope

Mission 2000

As a member of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, we strive to meet the objectives of that organization’s mission statement. 

  1. Human Relationships:  Continue to develop the atmosphere of Respect, Courtesy, Friendship, Brotherhood, Cooperation and Goodwill, within the Soo Bahk Do membership.
  2. Human Relationships (Worldwide): The Atmosphere identified in number one should become consistent throughout the world.  The U.S. should be the leading energy force developing and distributing this atmosphere.

  3. Moo Do Organization: We are a martial (Moo Do) organization and we must continue to develop appropriately.

  4. Administration of the Organization: The officers and the Board of Directors should take a more active role regarding the administration of the Federation.

  5. Members’ Organization: This is a member’s organization. We must all work to produce a caring and helpful atmosphere for mutual benefit.

  6. Financial Stability: We should take a more aggressive approach toward creating a financially stable organization.

Moo Do Shim Gong

See our Blog Article.

Song of Ship Sam Seh

Never neglect any of the Sip Sam Seh.
The Source of the will is in the waist.
Pay attention to the slightest change from full to empty.
Let energy flow through the whole body continuously.
Stillness embodies motion, motion stillness.
Seek stillness in motion.
Surprising things will happen when you meet your opponent.
Give awareness and purpose to every movement.
When done correctly all will appear effortless.
At all times pay attention to the waist.
Relaxed clear awareness of abdomen, the energy can be activated.
When the base of the spine is erect, energy rises to the top of the head.
The body should be flexible.
Hold the head as if suspended from a string.
Keep alert and seek the meaning and purpose of your art.
Bent and stretched, open and closed,
Let nature take its course.
Beginners are guided by oral teaching.
Gradually one applies himself more and more.
Skill will take care of itself.
What is the main purpose of the martial arts?
The mind is the primary actor and the body the secondary one.
What is the purpose and philosophy behind the martial arts?
Rejuvenation and prolonging of life beyond the normal span.
So an eternal spring.
Every word of this song has enormous value and importance.
Failing to follow this song attentively, you will sigh away your time.

Taken from Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee Volume II
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