Warrior Arts Camp in Idaho

A few weeks ago I went to Hailey, Idaho to train with my instructor, Oliver Whitcomb Sa Bom Nim, to prepare me for Ko Dan Ja. Ko Dan Ja is an 8 day test reserved for “senior dan members” in Soo Bahk Do. Completing and passing your first Ko Dan Ja examination qualifies you to receive your 4th dan. If you choose, you can also pursue your Sa Bom or master-level instructor certification. In a few weeks, I’ll be testing for both.

While I was in Hailey, I assisted in Sawtooth Martial Arts‘ second Warrior Arts Camp. 27 kids gathered for four hours every day for a full week. They learned warrior skills in Soo Bahk Do, archery, art, and the Korean staff called “Kan Bong”. The kids really enjoyed the camp. On the last day, they chose to either work on their archery or Kan Bong skills rather than have free time. This told us that the camp was a huge success.

I was in charge of teaching the kids the “Kan Bong”. They did very well and all of them learned at least a good majority of Bong Hyung Il Bu which is the first Bong form that I teach students. I am considering doing something similar in Utah next summer. If anyone has suggestions, I’d really enjoy a comment. I’m posting a few images of the camp.

picture-002.jpg picture-018.jpg picture-011.jpg picture-072.jpg

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