Daphne Mitchie — Red Belt Test

The Moo Do values have several important meanings in my life. For example, Moo Do values include Pyang Ahn, awareness, The Eight Concepts, and discipline. Pyang Ahn means peaceful confidence. To me, awareness means being aware of my weapon, where I am, and where I need to be. The Eight Key Concepts to me include the following: Yong Gi-courage, Chung Shin Tong Il-concentration, and Wan Gup-speed control. To me, discipline means following directions and working hard.

I apply Pyang Ahn when I am swimming. When I am swimming I am peaceful, but still confident in myself. I apply awareness when I am in a very busy place by being conscious of where I am, those who are around me, and the environment that I am in. When I apply The Eight Key Concepts, I am training Soo Bahk. I apply Yong Gi when I am sparring someone taller than I am. I apply Chong Shin Tong Il when I am meditating. I apply Wan Gup when I am doing a form. I apply discipline when I am working hard.  I am trying really hard to get my Red Belt. These concepts have helped me get to the next rank.

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