Gup Shim Sa (Color Belt Test)

Gup Shim Sa June 2010

Earlier this month, we had our end of the school year Gup Shim Sa or color belt grading.  For the first time in our young academy’s life, we had the full spectrum to show.  There were students testing for the very first time, others testing for orange, green, and red belt.  There were even the first group of dan candidates who will test next May for their dan (black belt equivalent).

Soo Bahk Do only has 5 colors:  white, orange, green, red, and midnight blue and each color represents a season.  At each level, your skill level and learning should reflect the specific season.  White begins with winter, orange is a transition time between winter and spring with green belt representing the full season of spring.  Red symbolizes summer and midnight blue represents autumn, a fruitful result of training.  Below are a few fun videos that will give you an idea of the progression that takes place over the years as a student ripens and matures in the art.

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