Congratulations Students of Wasatch Martial Arts Academy!

On August 16, 2008, the following students participated in the Soo Bahk Do National Championships: Grace Greis, Mia Brickey, Elle Sweetland, Stephanie Nolan, Daphne Mitchie, Olyvia Mugweh, Davis Kahler, and Alex Kahler. I ended up placing first in hyung and 3rd in sparring. Their dedication to Soo Bahk Do does not go unnoticed and they have represented our school and the art with dignity and respect. From the competition, Mia Brickey placed 3rd in sparring, Stephanie Nolan placed 2nd in hyung, and Olyvia Mugweh placed 2nd in hyung. Grace, Elle, Daphne, Davis, and Alex received participation medals for their superb performance in hyung.

In fact, their conduct was so excellent, that a member of the Technical Advisory Committee, Jang Sa Bom Nim, awarded their group with a first place trophy for being the most well-mannered, good kids at the competition.

I believe they had a wonderful time competing and taking seminars during the Moment with the Masters and will come back to training with a better understanding of the art and refined confidence in their own abilities.

A special thanks goes out to the parents who made the sacrifice to allow their children to go to San Diego and take part in this historic event. Without their support, Soo Bahk Do would not be able to exist in Utah.

Gibbons Sa Bom Nim with our students Olyvia placed 2nd in forms Stephanie placed 2nd in formsMia placed 3rd in sparring. kyosaform.jpg kyosasparring.jpg

Note: Previously, I recorded that the Region 8 Hyung Team did not place. On the contrary, the Region 8 Hyung Team did a superb job! They placed 2nd. The Region 8 Sparring Team (of which I was a part), did not place. I apologize for the misinformation.

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