New Testing Requirements

Recently, the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation issued a new Gup/Dan manual for all of our members.  All current and active members of the federation are eligible to receive a free manual.  You will find that the testing requirements for Cho Dan (1st degree black belt equivalent) has changed.  The curriculum has been stream-lined in order to give ample time and attention to practical self-defense.  In the past, many have commented that the majority of class time is devoted towards memorizing standardized curriculum, leaving less time to improving proper execution of technique, awareness of weapon, and awareness and accuracy of target.

The curriculum below is based on the new minimum standard of curriculum you are required to know in order to test.  Wasatch Martial Arts Academy may require additional points of emphasis to fulfill local requirements.  Also note, that while the amount of memorized curriculum has been decreased, the expectation of performance has increased to a new level.

The minimal time requirement is also slightly different.  It is possible to achieve the rank of Cho Dan within 3 years.  The majority of students will still need to wait 4 or more years before testing for Cho Dan, but exceptionally pro-active students may be able to test for Cho Dan in as little as 3 years.

I hope you will share your comments on the changes below and our local curriculum may adjust slightly in order to better serve its local members.  Later, I will update the Children’s and Adult’s Requirements on the website.

Testing Requirements Summary Wasatch Martial Arts Academy

US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Fed.

Rank Min Time Hyung Il Soo Sik Ho Sin Sul

Adult Kids Adult Kids
9th Gup White w/ Stripe 1 Month Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu 1-2 side-step, counter Cross Hand #1 (Release/counter)
8th Gup Orange 2 Months Ki Cho Hyung E Bu #1-2 Cross Hand #1 Cross Hand #1 (Release/Counter)
7th Gup Orange w/ Stripe 3 Months Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu #3-4 Cross Hand #2 Cross Hand #2 (Release/Counter)
6th Gup Green 3 Months Pyong Ahn Cho Dan #5-6 #1 side-step, counter Cross Hand #3-4 Cross Hand #1
5th Gup Green w/ Stripe 3 Months Chil Sung E Ro #7-8 #3 side-step, counter Straight Hand #1-2 Cross Hand #2
4th Gup Green w/ 2 Stripes 3 Months Chil Sung Il Lo #9-10 #1 Straight Hand #3-4 Straight Hand #1
3rd Gup Red 3 Months Bassai #11-12 #3 2 on 1 Hand #1-3 Straight Hand #2
2nd Gup Red w/ Stripe 3 Months Chil Sung Sam No #13-14 #5 2 on 2 Hand #1-4 2 on 1 Hand #1
1st Gup Red w/ 2 Stripes 6 Months Du Mun #15-16 #7 Side and Back Grabs 2 on 1 Hand #2
Cho Dan Midnight Blue 6 Months Bassai
Chil Sung Sam No Du Mun
#1-18 #1-9 (odds only) All Wrist Grabs #1-2 of Cross, Straight, 2 on 1, and 2 on 2 Hand

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  1. Hello to SBN Corrales and Wasatch Martial Arts Acedemy?Sawtooth Martial Arts Soo Bahk Do PVT. gretting From M. Wilson and Phoenix,AZ

  2. Greetings Mr. Wilson. My apologies for not seeing your comment sooner. I hope your family and training are both doing well. See you the end of the month at the Shim Sa?

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