Eli's Soo Bahk Do Training

Eli, my son, just barely turned 3.  Before he could even walk, I remember teaching him how to balance on against a chair executing a front and side kick into my palm.  He watches me teach and often practices his hyung when I’m supposedly not looking.  Soo Bahk Do being a passion of mine, it shouldn’t surprise you to see me beaming with joy with his interest in Soo Bahk.

Tonight was the highlight so far.  He grabbed my hand and brought me into my office, shut the door and asked me to turn off the lights.  It’s now dim in the room and not overly dark.  He then says, Daddy Soo Bahk!  He starts kicking and punching.  I get down on my knees and teach him how to do a low block and a punch.  He crosses his hands really well and usually brings his hand across in a low block fashion.  His punches were good too–relatively straight and was even making a proper fist.

Half way through the 10 minute lesson, he asked for a uniform, which of course I already had saved waiting for the moment he would finally want one.  I put it on him and it fit just right.  He then wanted me to put mine on, which I did.  We continued the lesson after a short photoshoot.

He was really interested in not just playing around, but wanted to learn really badly.  I hope to be able to do small 10 minute sessions with him now that he is 3 that way he’ll be prepared to enter the Tiger Tots class when he turns 4.

Eli's Jhoon Bee Ready Stance Eli's Horse Punch Eli's Fighting Stance Eli's Do Mal Seh (Paint Smearing Method #2)

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  1. How wonderful! He is adorable and no doubt will be a great Martial Artist! What a happy moment for you~

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