Regional Examiner and TAC Visit

Last Wednesday, January 23rd, we received a very special visit from Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim (4th Dan) and Jeff Griggs, Sa Bom Nim (6th Dan). Master Gibbons is Region 8’s Regional Examiner and is in charge of all Dan level promotions and studio certifications. She was here representing the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation as she certified Wasatch Martial Arts Academy. Soon, we should be receiving our own certificate finalizing our school’s position within the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, which is headed by none other than Grandmaster Hwang Kee’s son and successor, Grand Master H.C. Hwang.

This event was extremely important to our school and all of us. It is through this certification that we can stay connected with the roots of Soo Bahk Do and show respect to its founder, Hwang Kee.

During the event, Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim taught a wonderful class about Weh Gong, Neh Gong, and Shim Gong.

Weh Gong, translated as external training (power) is our physical technique, our bodily movement. We activate and control our weh gong through our Hu Ri (waist). Our Hu Ri ensures proper harmony and connection from our center to our weapon (hand or foot).

Neh Gong is translated to internal training (power) and is a softer, more internal method of training. It is the development of our internal organs and Ki, rather than our bones, skin, and muscles. Just as our Hu Ri activates and controls our weh gong, our breath controls our neh gong training.

Shim Gong, possibly the most overlooked aspect of our training, is translated as mental or spiritual training. We demonstrate shim gong through our concentration and intent. Our mindset determines whether or not we have good shim gong training. Our Shi Sun (eye focus) is the catalyst to good shim gong training by allowing our mind to connect to our action.

When combined, we achieve the desired result.

While my students were learning from Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim, I had the honor of training two hours with Griggs, Sa Bom Nim who is a member of the Weh Gong Bu branch of the Technical Advisory Committee. He is responsible for the standardization of technique and curriculum within the organization. It was a great benefit to me to go over some of my material with him, which included hyung, bong dae ryun, and advanced Ki Cho.

Below are a few photos of the event:

Bowing to Gibbons Sa Bom NimGriggs Sa Bom Nim teaches Chil Sung O LoGibbons Sa Bom Nim teaching the 4:00 class.

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